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Three Years of Action Verbs

ProVerbs is a new workbook for personal of group study. I've read the Book of Proverbs many times over the years, but most of it was surface reading . . . like taking a multi-vitamin: you swallow it, go on about your business, and hope it helps.

But one day I decided to pull out my Hebrew language resources and study every major word in the Proverbs and examine what they literally mean and how the same words were used elsewhere in the Old Testament section of the Bible. When I did the research, I began writing down the word usages and formed them into today's vernacular. The goal: make the Proverbs into Pro-Verbs: understandable language with a pointed target in the meaning of the words. And, add an "action section" (called, Reflections) that would help me and others retain the purpose of the Hebrew words used.

It took me three years of my writing time to produce this ProVerbs Workbook. Each section has been carefully studied in order to produce relevant Reflections questions. (I had great help with this from my educator/daughter, Jenny Martin). Also, I developed a large comparative Subject Index found in the back of the book. There are many subject duplicates in the Book of Proverbs. ProVerbs help bring them together for greater reference ease.

So, order one and dive into Proverbs to become a Pro in the Action Verbs for Life's Journey. Let them steer you through today's challenging culture on a solid foundation. You won't regret the challenges they will give you for your daily spiritual health. ProVerbs ~ Becoming a Pro in God's Wisdom.

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