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Another Bible Novel Series? Yes and No

When the shingles virus attacked my head (2007), I had nearly four decades of in-depth Bible study experience. I prayed much and searched the Book of Acts for a new direction to communicate the words of God and Jesus through means other than preaching and pastoral interaction. While I studied Acts, I wrote notes and showed them to my wife, Diane. With her input and encouragement, we decided I should try and write the Bible in a narrative format, adding fictional dialogue and a few fictional characters to make the biblical scenes flow smoothly.

I began writing the Book of Acts as a novel, adhering as close as possible to the actual story line. Three hundred, four thousand, and eighty-four words (304,084), and two years later (2013-2014), it was completed. My first novel became three volumes: Acts of the Spirit-Filled. All my volumes were self-published because I was pastorally out of work and became dependent upon my pastor friends, who allowed me to set up a book table at their churches. Many of them gave me time to speak five to thirty minutes, sharing my ministry, and then quietly sit at my book table.

I sought God’s direction in writing. I bought dozens of writing, editing, and grammar books, and attended numerous writing conferences. I had previously written hundreds of newspaper articles and even worked part-time writing for a daily newspaper and a denominational journal. But writing novels was a whole new adventure, one that I needed help with if I was going to do that for which God called me to do: WRITE THE ENTIRE BIBLE IN A NARRATIVE FORMAT (GENRE). I call it the Grand Adventure Series.

What? Another novel of a Bible character? Yes and no. I went to several bookstores and discovered tons of Christian novels. However, I found only a handful that tried to adhere to the precise storyline of the Bible, and no one was attempting to write the entire Bible in a chronological series. But this was my conviction and, therefore, my new calling as a proclaimer/publisher of God’s Word.

It is now 2021, and I have written and published three more novels that cover Genesis through Ruth. Plus, I am partially through the OT storyline from Eli and Samuel to David and Jonathan. I am also nearing forty thousand words on the life of Jesus (Yeshua, in my novel). I think Job will follow these two. Thus, you can perhaps better understand my goal and mission. The shingles virus became post herpetic neuralgia and I continue to take medication for it. Fortunately, it is manageable, and I can preach every week and drive a school bus parttime.

But my full-time job is writing novels and inspirational books. All for the glory of God. If you have not done so, please order a novel (softcover or eBook) through Amazon and commit to reading it. If you do, contact me and tell me what you think. In return, I will be happy to send you a free copy of my autobiography that shares my transition from being born in Virginia to 2012 and my transition to my new writing ministry. It would be an honor to have you join me this Grand Adventure.

Johnnie R. Jones (;

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