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Don't Build Your Marriage with Particle Boards

I’ve been married since 1975. Please allow my experiences to help you with your significant other.

  1. Make sure your “better half” is not you. Out love your spouse all the time. No exceptions. Find out what he/she loves and love him/her that way.

  2. Marry up. Let her/him know their value to you. Don’t prove your love with stuff. If stuff is what your spouse really needs she/he could have bought a stuffed animal—or a pet. Your spouse married a human because she/he wants/needs a relational being in their life. Act human and be relational.

  3. Stop belly-aching. No one likes a nagging, demeaning, always negative partner.

  4. Sex is not a four-letter word. It’s a precious gift one person gives to another. It may be free, but it’s certainly not cheap. Fact is, sex is a four-letter word: L-o-v-e. And it fulfills only when it’s honored biblically. You want to be sexy? Work at being a biblical lover.

  5. Make sure Jesus Christ is the focus of your marriage. If you’re both looking up you don’t have to look out.

  6. Laugh; smile; be a fun person to be around.

  7. Pray together; read the Bible together; worship together. Life takes on a bigger meaning when God is in the center of it.

  8. Focus on the positives. You both have weaknesses. Don’t compare your spouse with others or yourself.

  9. Money is not a four-letter word; but debt is. Someone has said that if your outflow is greater than your income, your upkeep will be your downfall. Be frugal, but splurge on each other on those special days. (Splurge can mean a walk, a picnic, frisbee throwing, etc.)

  10. Last one (and there are many more): Major on little acts of kindness.

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