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Your life is a story...write it down!

I deeply regret not asking my dad and granddads more about their lives--their growing up days, their loves, and even their fears. But they're gone now and my memory of them narrows with age.

When I began writing, one of my first manuscripts was my autobiography. On my day off, Diane and I would leave the house. She went shopping and I was dropped off a local coffee shop where I drank coffee and wrote.

About four years later (2009), I held my first copy of 50/50 Chance to Live. Then I gave it to Diane. Since then, I have updated it to 2012. It now needs another update. In it are many stories of my life, from birth, 1951, to 2012. If my children and their children read it, they will discover many things about the lives of Diane and me . . . and their own introductions into this world. They will discover why and how I became who I am this day, and what joys and trials Diane and I faced during our early years.

You have a story. You may not think it is worth writing down, but some day, some time in the future, if you married and have children or relatives, your story will be a treasure to a future person. So get to your word processor or app, and start writing. Forget your grammar, make it a PG rating (I used a lot of "bleeps"), and write your story. Whether you're happy about it or sad, let your family learn from you and have something by which to remember you.

If you order any of my novels and if you request it, I will be happy to send you my autobiography at no charge--well I may add a couple dollars more for shipping. I guarantee you won't regret the time you read my story and you write your own. Don't put it off. Write it down!

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