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Welcome and Introduction

How did Jesus' disciples respond to His ascension? What did Peter say to the others after Jesus disappeared in the sky? And what became of Barabbas?

These and many other questions about the birth of Christianity led me to write outside the box, so to speak. So began the historical fiction novels based on the books of the Bible. I wanted my Bible novels to be dramatic and interactive with other Bible characters.

Dramatic Bible Novels is my new website that focuses entirely on my writings of the people found in the Bible. So far, I have written six Bible novels with a seventh in progress. Go to the homepage of and scroll down until you see the square icons of my book covers. There you can scroll sideways and see all of them. Click on any of the icons for a fuller description of each book.

The website is still under construction, but should be able to give you good information. PayPal is active, but I haven't quite gotten the credit/debit card system up and running. For a while, I will offer 20-30% off retail as an introductory offer.

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